17th Annual Student Design & Build Contest

Tomorrow's Designers

Take 12" x 12" Poster Board + Business Cards + Toothpicks + Glue
+ 6th to 8th Grade Teachers and Students

2018 KIDstruction News

This year's theme is: "Where We Live" and will be held on Saturday, September 29th, 2018.

This exciting annual competition is open to students in grades 6-8 under teacher supervision to design and build structures using only toothpicks, business cards, and glue. For this year’s theme “Where We Live”, competing teams must learn about available livable structures, then design and create a structure in one of these categories:

1. Assisted Living Facilities

2. Single Family Housing

3. Multi-Family Housing

4. Student Housing

History of Kidstruction

Kidstruction is a design/build competition among middle school students sponsored by the SACSDA. 

The event takes place at the end of September/start of October every year.   Students and teachers start on the project in August.  In order to compete, teams from Southern Arizona's middle schools have to design and build futuristic structures based on an annual theme.  The student entries have to be built using only business cards, toothpicks and glue and must fit on a 12" x 12" base.

Judges for the event have included representatives from the University of Arizona's College of Architecture, the City of Tucson, the SDA local chapter and local businesses.  In previous years, awards have been presented to the students by Mayor Bob Walkup and other prominent members of the Tucson community.

In 2017, we had 100 competing teams in 19 schools from Southern Arizona including Tucson, Marana, Ft. Huachuca , Benson and St. David!

For additional information, please contact Jen Crane, 2018 Kidstruction Co-Chair. 

Special thanks to John Crane for most of the photos you see on this page.


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